Nanning Hongxuan Film & TV Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading photographic equipment enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacture and sales, etc. Our products are not only well received in the domestic market, but also obtained high reputation overseas . Along the process of our development, we always adhere to the mission of providing the best and most practical photographic products to our customers, following the trend of diversification and intelligent E control of film & TV equipment and develop state of the art products.


GREENBULL electronic controlled photographic robot system, GREENBULL filming Dolly/Track, GREENBULL motorized camera slider, GREENBULL portable slider series, GREENBULL cable cam and gibbon recording microphone series etc. We insist on independent Research and Development, Production, Sales. The R&D and design team composes of professional and experienced elites with top level R&D and design ability in the Chinese photographic equipment industry.

We have obtained patents for our GREENBULL multifunctional dolly, gibbon microphone, etc., showing our top leading position in the industry.

The main product of our website is flyingkittycablecam. Our product is made of carbon fiber material. The design is small, light and easy to carry. The appearance is simple and stylish designed by adopting popular trends.



We have a professional, efficient and responsible corporate management team. Trustworthy management, customer first, continuous innovation, adhering to the spirit of innovative R&D and production. The technical and sales team is dedicated to provide customers with the most comprehensive and meticulous service. We strictly control each link from R&D, production, sales, and after-sales to provide customers with the highest quality and reliable products.


We will innovate continuously, and provide our customers with the best quality and most professional products.

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